How to Cover a Tattoo With Makeup

Many people these days have tattoos they wish they didn't. I am one of those people. I got my tattoos when I was only 17. Of course, I thought I knew everything about everything. What I didn't realize was that I would grow tired of my tattoos as I evolved from a rebellious teenager to a responsible wife and mom. So here I am, 30 years old with tattoos I hate. This led me to look for the best ways to remove and conceal my tattoos.

At the present time, I cannot afford laser tattoo removal. It is simply too expensive and there are not any specialists in my area who do it. Therefore, my quest is to try and conceal the tattoos until I can get them permanently removed. If I can't see them and the rest of the world can't see them, I'm happy. The first makeup I ever used to cover a tattoo was Dermablend. I have also tried Tattoo Camo and Colortration. All of these makeups have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you may want to try them and see what works best for your skin.


When concealing a tattoo with makeup, it is absolutely crucial to get the right color for your skin. You may need to mix several colors together to get the perfect match. Some makeup actually darkens a bit when it dries, so test the makeup colors wet and dry. The area that you are going to conceal should be clean, dry and free of hair. I use a foundation brush to apply the makeup and blend with my fingers. Apply the makeup over the tattoo and slightly over the edges of the tattoo. Use your fingers or a sponge to blend and feather the edges so they look more natural. You may find that the first coat doesn't cover the tattoo. You may need to use two or three coats to get the coverage you want.

How to Cover a Tattoo With Makeup

It is very important to apply thin coats rather than thick ones, and let each coat dry completely before applying the next one. I have found because of the composition of most tattoo coverup makeup choices out there, drying takes awhile so be patient. After you're happy with the finished product, you need to set the makeup so that it doesn't rub off easily. You can use a translucent setting powder made for body makeup, or try a barrier spray like the one made by Mehron.

No makeup is completely transfer proof. You may find that the makeup does rub off onto your clothes. And it may not stay put in chlorinated water for long periods of time. That does not mean that it is not long wearing -- it is. You should get hours of coverage after an application of body makeup. When you're ready to remove your tattoo cover-up makeup, use a good makeup remover designed for taking off body makeup.

How to Cover a Tattoo With Makeup

Angela Harris is a writer on a quest to remove and conceal her unwanted tattoos.