Applying Mime Makeup Correctly

Mime makeup is extremely important to the overall look of a mime. In case you've never seen a street show, a mime is a person that dresses in all black and white. They wear heavy white makeup on their face. Mimes use their faces and their bodies to act out actions or emotions. They do not speak when they're in costume.

The Makeup


Mime makeup is extremely important to a mime's costume. A person wouldn't dress like a vampire without putting in fake vampire teeth just like a mime wouldn't dress like a mime without proper makeup. If you want to dress like a mime, the first thing you need to do is get white, water based cake face makeup or clown makeup. Cake makeup can smear more easily than a grease based makeup. Some mimes use grease based makeup because it's thick. One disadvantage to using grease based makeup is that it's hard to make other markings over grease-based paint. You should experiment with both types before making your decision.

Applying Mime Makeup Correctly

Before you put on this makeup, you need to moisturize your face. A moist face will help you spread on your cream more easily. After you moisturize, outline your face with the makeup. Then, put dots of white on various locations within the perimeter and decorate your face by moving from one point to another. Make sure to cover you face with the paint. If you're using a grease based paint, you should put white powder over your face when you're finished filling in your outline. You do not need to do this for a cake based paint.

Next, you're going to need to make your black and red markings. For the black marks that go above your eyes and lips, use an eye pencil or liquid eyeliner. You're going to need to make new eyebrows that go well above your eyes. This will help give you exaggerated expressions. When you're done with your eyes, you'll need to move on to your mouth. Use a red lipstick for your lips.

When the color makeup has dried, powder your face. It's best to use translucent powder. This type of powder will seal your mime makeup without changing your look.

Applying Mime Makeup Correctly

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