The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Brands

If you are a budding makeup artist or simply find yourself in front of the makeup mirror more than normal, a lighted makeup mirror is one investment you should make.

Most professional makeup artists do their craft away from their homes. Because not all locations have well-lighted rooms or dressers, bringing your own portable, well-lighted makeup mirror should keep you away from unwanted situations.


Portable, mirror-only makeup mirrors are sold and made by a lot of specialty manufacturers. Most of their products are available online. They also have stores and dealers scattered nationwide.

The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Brands

A professional makeup artist should also consider using an all-in-one makeup station that has its own lighted mirror. A makeup station also has compartments; these usually fold and pack to into a hard-shell; some of these cases also have built-in trolleys which make them easier to transport. Such products are being sold by specialty manufacturers and come in a wide array of sizes and styles.

If you think such products are a little too much for personal use, there are also portable makeup mirrors that suit home and occasional use. These mirrors are generally smaller and have fewer lights. These products are relatively cheaper and should be enough when used from dressers and bathrooms.

Below are some brands and products worth having a look at if you are in the market for lighted makeup mirrors.


Makeup Artist Network

Makeup Artist Network, or simply Makeup Art, is a leading manufacturer of makeup cases. Although they also have a number of vanity products, their makeup cases and stations have been used by professionals since 1999. They have cases with lights of different sizes, styles, and colors.

Vanity Girl Hollywood

Vanity Girl Hollywood is also a specialty vanity accessories manufacturer. They have very unique makeup tables, vanity mirrors-both wall-mounted and tabletop, as well as a number of other vanity accessories. They are endorsed by celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, and their products were also used in the 2010 Olympics.

Makeup Station

As their name suggests, this company provides portable makeup stations for use on location. Their products have been used in movie sets for popular Hollywood movies. Also unique about this company is that they allow they offer their products for rent.



Ask around any department store or browse through online shops and you will surely come across the brand Remington. Remington and their True-To-Light series of mirrors have been re-branded by a number of different companies because of its simple design. The Remington makeup mirror has also had several reincarnations featuring improvements every time.

The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Brands

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